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DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer

The Only All-In-One Absorbance and Fluorescence Design
Equip your lab for today’s quantification requirements and for future assay challenges. The choice of microvolume or cuvette absorbance and fluorescence methods delivers unmatched flexibility and dynamic range. Coupled with the DeNovix dsDNA quantification assays, a range of 0.5 pg/µL to 37500 ng/µL can be rapidly measured.

NOW with Enhanced Best in Class Lower Detection Limits (0.75 ng/uL dsDNA & 0.04 mg/mL BSA) with commercial release of version 3.00 software.

Total Measurement Confidence
The DS-11 FX combines unique hardware and software features to deliver unmatched confidence in sample accuracy, performance and reliability.

  • SmartPath® Technology – real time, precise pathlength control delivered every time
  • Exceptional for proteins – BridgeTesting® eliminates broken sample columns common on other platform
  • Calibration and maintenance free – no measurement drift, no service down-time. Accurate results every time

The DS-11 FX Series instruments feature the most powerful and intuitive software of its type. EasyApps® software is designed by life scientists and combines with a breakthrough Android™ touchscreen interface to ensure error-free operation and sample to data in under 4 seconds. Every instrument is ready for absorbance and fluorescence measurements right out of the box – no PC set-up or software installation
Unmatched connectivity
Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB allow easy export of data you want in the format you need. Email a csv or color jpg of your results right from EasyApps…save data to LIMS or network drives…print results or graphs to network and label printers…and more!

Fluorescence Freedom!
The most sensitive and precise fluorometer of its type provides the ability to run almost any common fluorescence assay. Choose from a wide range of pre-configured kits or create custom applications for total flexibility. Combine the DS-11 FX with the DeNovix dsDNA fluorescence quantification kits for industry-leading sensitivity and dynamic range. Quantify to 0.5 pg/µL up to 4000 ng/µL with our choice of three quantification kits.

  • DeNovix dsDNA Broad Range Kit, 1000 assays
Broad Range 0.1 ng/µL to 2000 ng/µL (extended to 4000 ng/µL) 
  • DeNovix dsDNA HighSensitivity Assay Kit, 1000 assays
High Sensitivity10 pg/µL to 250 ng/µL (extended down to 5 pg/µL)
  • DeNovix dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay Kit, 1000 assays
Ultra High Sensitivity Assay: 0.5 pg/µL to 300 pg/µL 

What's more
Contamination Alerts
SmartQC monitors every sample measured for the presence of common contaminants, highlights these samples to the user and advises on potential issues. SmartQC also solves the problem of samples being left to dry on the measurement surface by monitoring the sample measurement and cleaning process and warning when the sample has not been removed.

FX series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometers are available in four colors and two models:
✭ DS-11 FX+ (1µL UV-Vis, cuvette UV-Vis + fluorescence)
✭ DS-11 FX (1µL UV-Vis + fluorescence)

The most sensitive 1µL UV-Vis absorbance combined with the most flexible and precise fluorometer in one compact, maintenance-free instrument.

Testimonial: Darwin Samples Studied Using DeNovix DS-11 FX
Dr. Alejandra Perotti of the University of Reading
 discusses DNA analysis on a rare collection of lice and mites preserved by Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace and other experts in entomology. The investigation is part of a project studying early mankind migration patterns. Dr. Perotti reviews her work and how the flexibility and sensitivity of the DS-11 FX is aiding in their analysis of this historic collection.
DS-11 Series Video
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