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Ever since our establishment in the Year 2005, Nano Life Quest is proud to proclaim itself as one of the fastest growing scientific products distribution companies that’s based in Malaysia, providing complete solutions for the Molecular Diagnostics and Research, Cellular Biology, Life sciences and Biotechnology’s market segments. We supply to our customers a wide range of high-quality products, reliable application support and great after-sales-services.

All the products that we distribute are of the best available in the world’s today, backed with many years of support experiences and selected based on the market needs in Malaysia as well as the region of South East Asia countries. Our key brands are Merck, Sigma, Roche, and DeNovix.

Some brand and product we offered:


  • Stem Cell Media
  • Cell Culture Products
  • Cell Culture Reagents
  • Cell Culture Supplements
  • Cells and Cell Lines
  • Classical Media and Salts
  • Sera
  • Serum Free Media
  • Specialty Media
  • Stem Cell Biology
  • 3D Cell Culture


  • Elisa Kit / CLIA Kit
  • Antibodies
  • Proteins
  • Custom Service


Microvolume only
Microvolume & Cuvette
Microvolume UV-Vis + Fluorescence
Microvolume UV-Vis, Cuvette UV-Vis + Fluorescence
Fluorescence only
  • NEW DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer
Cuvette only


DeNovix Inc. announces the launch of the CellDrop Automated Cell Counter. CellDrop is the first instrument to incorporate DeNovix’ patent-pending DirectPipette™ Technology, removing the need for expensive, environmentally damaging plastic slides and cumbersome hemocytometers from routine cell counting. Featuring dual fluorescence and brightfield optics, variable height sample chamber, and powerful, easy-to-use analysis software, the CellDrop en

DirectPipette™ –SmartPath® Technology

The CellDrop Series brings the familiar Load, Measure & Wipe Clean functionality of microvolume spectrophotometers to cell counting. Traditional plastic slides or glass hemocytometers are replaced by two permanent optical sapphire surfaces. These are positioned parallel to one another by a calibration-free, high-precision mechanism, forming a chamber of precisely defined height. 10µL of cell suspension is pipetted into the chamber, analyzed and simply wiped away with a dry laboratory wipe. The powerful live-view image allows instant verification that cleaning has been successful.ables the fastest cell counts, viability assessment, and GFP transfection efficiency measurements across the widest range of cell density, cell type and application.

Eliminate Slide Costs -  Environmental Friendly!

CellDrop automated cell counter will save money and eliminate disposable plastic slides. It was made and designed by researchers for researchers to solve problems in reducing the usage of plastic.  Accelerate your research and improve the sustainability of your lab byremoving the environmental impact of disposable plastic slides! Together we create a green environment. Say no to plastics! Read more


Products affected:

Catalog numbers: RE-100
Description: For collection of RNA from human saliva samples. For research use only.

Effective date of change: October 10, 2018
None required.
Reason for change:
Product improvement will meet demand for improved usability and laboratory compatibility.
Change description:
The Oragene•RNA (RE-100) vial collection kit is changing to a tube format which optimizes collection, transport and extraction. As such, the RE-100 vial format is no longer available for sale. The new Oragene•RNA mailable tube format is currently available and is designed to yield equivalent RNA results to the original RE-100 vial format. Read more


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